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Vansh Nathani, Founder

Vansh Nathani is an alumnus of The Doon School, an International Certified Career Coach recognised by the NCDA, USA & has been Certified by Saïd Business School, Oxford University in Executive Leadership. He is the Founder & Director at Educis, creating programmes for schools and universities to offer their students Bespoke Learning Programs. Some of the popular ones are MUN sessions, Public Speaking Soft Skills training for students and Teacher Trainings, Profile Building for Grades 8 and above and University Application & Admission Support. The list of speakers and trainers at each Conference includes people who are TV Personalities, Ambassadors, stand-up comedians and various other artists.

Prikshit Dhanda, Chief Mentor

Professionally trained from Harvard University, Mr. Prikshit is one of the leading Life Coach, Motivational Speakers and Career Coaches in the country. With over 20 years of experience, he has mentored and trained more than two million students across various domains and regions. Understanding students’ aspirations along with their aptitude and motivating them to achieve excellence has kept him busy for more than two decades.

Mr. Dhanda is an accredited MBTI & FIRO- B practitioner and has blended the use of these instruments in training sessions for teachers, principals, and corporate executives. His insights about people & situations and analysis of human nature make him one of the most sought-after trainers in the educational forum. His students are well-known founders, country heads, senior executives, and ranked professionals.

Abhishek Gulati, Principal Advisor: Global Education

Abhishek is a Growth Strategist with experience in the domains of Education Technology and Luxury Management. Abhishek is a Management graduate from University College London with exchange credentials at London School of Economics and HEC Paris. He is a dedicated mentor when it comes to guiding students to Ivy League and G5 Institutes. Abhishek is also a Profile Building Expert and trains students in their journey to make it to the world’s best Universities. He is driven by the desire to make a significant impact in the global education and career guidance landscape.

Over the last few years, he has worked extensively with candidates from varied backgrounds – from lawyers and doctors to scientists and historians, helping them build their stories for the leading Universities around the globe. He has successfully mentored 200+ aspirants to secure admissions at the leading global universities across undergrad and postgraduate levels.

He brings a deep understanding of the end-to-end application process, merges it with a structured approach, and helps candidates execute their plans with a measured precision – ultimately leading them to achieve their dream admits.

Yuvraj Nathani, Communications Lead

Yuvraj Nathani is an alumnus of The Doon School and Ashoka University. He has been a copywriter at Ogilvy, a top-tier global creative agency and worked on accounts like Bajaj, Wildstone, Mindvalley, Vodafone and Pantaloons. He has written ad-films, print campaigns, digital ads, radio spots and activations. Yuvraj believes in creating effective communications that capture a brand’s unique voice while also achieving their strategic aims.

Kaushiki Saraswat, Mentoring and Operations Lead & Content Chef

Graduated from two prestigious educational institutes, the University of Mumbai and the University of London, Kaushiki brings a wealth of diverse experiences to the realm of expression and communication. From being a spoken word artist to developing the POSCO curriculum and skill-building training modules for women-led organisations to developing leadership and communication curricula for students aged between 6 and 18 years, she continues to empower the younger generations, fostering sensitivity and self-reliance. Her unique approach lies in the fine balance between imparting core values and nurturing language development.

Anisha, Senior Career Mentor

A dedicated career mentor at Educis with 3+ years of experience in the dynamic realm of education. Passionate about shaping the academic journeys of ambitious students, Anisha specializes in guiding individuals toward their dream universities. By working closely with students, Anisha cultivates compelling narratives that resonate with admissions committees, making them stand out in the highly competitive application process.

She brings a distinctive expertise in navigating the landscape of Indian liberal education applications. Understanding the nuances of this specific domain, Anisha offers tailored guidance to students aiming to their undergraduate studies abroad and pursue liberal education in India.

Aman, Associate Business Growth

Aman Kotecha is a young lawyer and has attended 150 Model UN Conferences. At Educis, he’s involved with student training and business development. He gained cognizance about debating, world affairs and diplomacy very early in his life. In this short epoch, he has secured various accolades in his name. He is an exceptional orator and leader with significant analytical and logical skills. He was a part of the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations 2020. He was also deputed to attend a youth exchange in Kunming, China which was facilitated by Ministry of External Affairs, Yunan, China

Pravar Dennison, Lead Growth & Legal Operations

Pravar Dennison, is a Global UGRAD Scholar and an alumnus of St. Columba’s School and Centenary College, currently pursuing a dual degrees in Law and Arts at Symbiosis International University. He has extensive experience in Debate, Model United Nations, and Public Speaking having trained over 25,000 students pan India.

Ritambhara, Career Mentor

Ritambhara, a Career Mentor at Educis, holds a degree in English Literature from Ashoka University. She has taken courses across a diverse forms of literature, with a particular emphasis on short stories and graphic novels as unique forms of literary expression. With experience gained from previous roles, she has personally guided over 150 students in honing their writing skills and helped them be better prepared for university. In addition to her mentoring work, Ritambhara is also a passionate translator.

Prat, Career Mentor

Prat Parhi is a Research and Writing Associate at EDUCIS who specialises in the domains of essay writing and study abroad consultancy. An alumnus of Vassar College and Louisiana State University, Prat has experience mentoring students and conducting writing and public speaking workshops for students of all ages.

Sadhika, Trainer

Sadhika Chhabra, currently pursuing her BBA in Finance at Indraprastha University, stands out as a versatile professional. Beyond her academic pursuits, she excels as a dedicated trainee, specializing in conducting engaging soft skills sessions for school students. Her role extends to contributing creatively, where she actively participates in ideation and content generation for the company’s dynamic social media platforms. Sadhika’s commitment to fostering holistic development and effective communication shines through her multifaceted contributions in both training and content creation.

Manya, Trainer

Manya is a law student over at the National Law University Delhi. Over at Educis, she’s combining her passion for debating and her penchant of teaching (or persuading students to debate) after all, what’s debate other than persuasion.

She is an avid reader and piano player and wishes to enter the fields of law and policy in the future.

Suryansh, Trainer

Suryansh is a law student at National Law University Delhi. He has a keen interest in public speaking, advocacy, creative writing and research. He wishes to be in academia. Training and learning in the process are his interests and speaking to a crowd is his passion.

Vedansh, Trainer

Vedansh Arora is an open-minded rationalist hailing from Faridabad. He is an avid researcher, debater and soft skills coach who believes in spreading knowledge while striving to acquire more through his endeavours.

He works with schools and colleges worldwide to promote competency-based education and soft skill training. Impacting the lives of more than 12000 keen learners at over 60+ of the world’s most prominent schools and colleges, encompassing the University of Oxford, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, Indian Institute of Technology, University of Delhi, GEMS High School Dubai, etc and led the national training programme for Ryan International Group of Institutions. Within just seven years, he has participated in over 150 Model United Nations conferences adding institutions like IIT Bombay, KIIT, IIM Sambalpur, Hansraj College, Amity University, etc. to his long list of laurels.

He also holds a profound interest in global affairs and has participated in the UN ECOSOC Global Youth Forum, worked with the UN’s MGCY & with the Institute for Economics and Pace and was also invited to the Stockholm+50 Dialogue on Climate Justice and FAO’s World Food Forum.

Ramit, Design Associate

Ramit, a versatile designer and a Master’s student at New York University, seamlessly integrates technology and design with a Computer Science Engineering background. His impactful roles in startups span Graphic Design, software development, UI/UX design, and product management, showcasing deep tech insights and practical skills. Passionate about strategy and product, Ramit, a tech enthusiast, brings a fusion of creativity and technology to every design project.

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