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Educis places its clients in top MA, PhD, MBA, and Management programs across the world. Have you been out of school for a few years, unsure where to begin your application process? Do you need help securing a scholarship or writing a dynamic statement of purpose? Our mentors at Educis will guide you every step of the way.

The EDUCIS Postgraduate Admission Process

1. Pre-application Meeting and School Selection

Your personally matched mentor will help you build a tailor-made university application list, taking into account current grades, test scores, preferred area of study, extracurricular preferences, location, and budget.

2. Roadmap

Be it extracurricular mentoring, SAT/ACT/TOEFL prep, or learning how to ask teachers for recommendations, your mentor will guide you through a highly personalised roadmap in order to attain an application that highlights the very best of your abilities.

3. Targeted Scholarships

The best way to access prestigious scholarships is to apply strong and apply early, which is a number one priority at Educis!

4. Essay Writing

At Educis, every student deserves a standout application! This begins with customised writing support. From brainstorming to structuring and editing, Educis will help you bring forth a strong sense of curiosity, inspiration, and direction in your essays.

5. Interview Training

Conduct practice interviews to develop communication skills, highlight strengths, build confidence, provide feedback, identify weaknesses, and reduce stress.

6. Final School Selection

Offer support and advice on selecting universities and curricula best suited to the client’s comfort, interests, and goals.

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