Student Mentorship

EDUCIS’ mentorship programme offers unparalleled expertise to help you reach your dream college.


We help you go the whole 9 yards!

Educis’ mentorship programme goes the whole nine yards. Our counsellors advise families to start making plans as early as possible based on their child’s goals and recognized areas of academic and extracurricular interest.

We coach, inspire, and encourage kids through their formative years to carefully choose topics and extracurricular activities that enrich a student’s profile. This includes:

Academic Guidance

Advice on course selection, academic planning, strategies for achieving strong grades, and building a competitive academic record.


Having strong co-curriculars is the defining mark of a well-rounded student. Educis guides students towards developing the highest level of proficiency in public speaking, debate, ModelUN, Mock Parliament, Moot Court, and creative writing.
Internship Opportunities: Our counsellors connect students to internship opportunities in their field of interest.

Networking Skills

We teach students to tap into the alumni networks of potential universities and develop productive, mutually beneficial relationships with established leaders.

When is the right time to be mentored?

Our mentoring programme is not bound by an age limit. You could be in High School, an Undegraduate or a Postgraduate - our mentors will empower you to see a possible future and then lay a roadmap for you to achieve it.

Our Services

General Counselling with Psychometric Training

General Counselling for Profile Development

Profile is the most integral part of a student's life while growing up. We believe in making them stand apart from the crowd in a manner that they feel the most confident in their shoes. For this, we follow a two-step approach: a) Profile Discovery and b) Profile Building

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