United Nations Security Council

Agenda: Discussing the situation in Crimean Peninsula (March’14)

The United Nations Security Council is a key organ of the United Nations which discusses threats to international peace and security. The UNSC has a membership of 15, with 5 permanent members and the rest being elected for 2-year terms by the UN General Assembly.

The UNSC is the only body within the UN which can take binding and enforceable decisions that all member states are obliged to comply with. The UNSC takes up discussions on situations in specific regions as well as broader concepts that need resolution to maintain international peace and security.

The UNSC is bestowed with significant powers including ones to amend the UN Charter, authorize military action to restore peace, authorize UN Peacekeeping missions and sanction states or non-state actors in contravention with the resolutions of the UNSC.

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Aman Kotecha


Aman is currently a 2nd-year law student pursuing his degree from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies. He has attended 70 Model UN Conferences. Albeit, he started his Model UN career as a delegate five years back, he gained cognizance about debating, world affairs and diplomacy pretty soon. In this short epoch, he has secured various accolades in his name. He is an exceptional orator and leader with significant analytical and logical skills.

His shrewd sense and leadership skills will indubitably contribute in pulling off this committee competently.