College Applications

Your dream school is not just a dream. Work diligently with us and we’ll make it a reality, by making you stand apart from thousands of students.

The first step is making you aware of how we help you through each stage of the process.

Are you a potential aerospace engineer or historian? We help you introspect and test your aptitude!

Our expert counsellors will consider various aspects like school size, location, faculty profiles and extra-curricular opportunities as per your preference. No one-size-fits-all formula! At this stage we also speak to parents about their hunches and preferences.

We don’t urge students to apply to colleges we have ‘tie-ups’ with. We just urge you to have a fair balance of safety, target and dream schools on your college list.

We make you aware of what colleges are looking for and what will help you get your foot in the door. Once you’re in, we’ll help you stand apart.

This is something that is purely in your hands and is the most important factor for all colleges, notwithstanding the country or course, so no slacking in the classroom!

Essential accessories for top US schools; we get you started on them early on!

Stand out from the crowd and show to admissions officers that you’re not the average high school student.

Here’s the main chunk of the work. Attention to detail, honesty and passionate ambition is what we want to communicate.

You’re into almost every school you applied to. Confused? Our counsellor will help make up your mind.

You’re off to start one of the most beautiful and memorable phases of your life.

Profile Building

An essential part of the college application puzzle is a sound profile. Depending on the country and university of choice, your extra and co-curricular profile is of varying importance. We help you distinguish yourself and really shine amongst a large pool of applicants.

Starting Grade 8, we help you find direction and chart out a plan that will get you there. This is included in most of our end-to-end packages. To know more, drop us an email!

A campus representative for Educis? Only if you want.

If you really feel we added something valuable to your development and want to continue being associated with us, become a campus representative!